curtain arrangement is often the most eye catching aspects of a room and feature that gives most scope for creativity. Some windows are beautiful in themselves, and the art in such cases is to ensure that the “dressing” of fabric complements, rather than obscures, the “architectural” framework .

Where the windows have no intrinsic merit, the options for curtaining are much wider.The chief ingredient in any successful window composition is imagination. To some extent, there is a repertoire of basic forms- a vocabulary of design ideas from which professional designers tend to draw inspiration. Often,

the most successful designers are those where a traditional idea is injected with a touch of originality-perhaps in the propositions, or in the detailing, or in the fabric choice.Details can make all difference. Notice, for example, in the room of the Site how the narrow floral borders on the under curtains frame and continue the slender lines of the candlestick. This is the kind of subtlety that makes for maximum effectiveness

Curtain designs these days show a sprit of adventurousness that has seldom been equaled. Historic styles are being freely and imaginatively adapted; bed curtains are fashionable again; blinds have lost their overtones of functionalism and have acquired a new excitement, whether used alone or as an under dressing to curtains. It is hoped that this site will promote as well as reflect the inventiveness to be found in the use of curtains, blinds and drapes in today’s most beautiful interiors.


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